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-Car Show Display Booth w/ Live Demo's Available (2 weeks notice)
-Special Club/Dyno-Day Pricing Available (1 month notice)
-Classes/Demo's are available separately (1 week notice)

First, a word from our tuner:
"As a 'gadget-guy' and an IT professional, I understand the importance of delivering the most up-to-date equipment available.  Any product you order from me will have the latest software, firmware and features available.  I include a CD with all the software you will need, your SCT Tuner comes with the latest firmware, a backlit screen, and more.  You can't get this from a warehouse store or any retailers!   Just another reason to only purchase from a factory trained and authorized dealer!"

Terms: You are ordering a "service", I do not normally stock the SCT SF3 tuner since they ship from the factory.  I do stock the LiveWire's and X3's.  If I do not have any in stock (rare), I will order your parts and for that reason, the "PayPal" terms and conditions do not apply to orders on tuners that are not in stock.  If you have any questions, email me BEFORE you buy.

All tuning is done in house, on MY vehicles, to be sure they are the best I can make them.  If you are looking for a "Dyno-Hero" (a tune that is JUST for showing off your peak numbers), see your local SCT Tuner since NO ONE can do that by mail or e-mail without EXTENSIVE work on your part.

SCT Flash Tuners
Custom tuning available for all 1995/6 to 2011 Ford, Mazda, Mercury, Lincoln (Gas and E85)
Trucks/SUV's and All Focus vehicles!
(Click on tuner image for specifications and ordering)
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X3 Flash Tuner
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LiveWire Tuner!
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Strategy Flash Tuner
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Latest DLC Covers
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Old Style DLC Covers
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6' FireWire Analog Cable
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SCT DashScan
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Exhaust Temp Kit

Here is the REAL power!

I am available for travel to your favorite Dyno facility for $100 per hour (1.5 hour minimum, dyno time/fees and travel expenses not included).  E-mail me to request an inspection sheet and waiver that must be signed before a tuning session is scheduled.  You must have new, properly gapped COPPER plugs; and a good, non-leaking/smoking engine with NO Check Engine Light or Fault Codes.  Any vehicle that is leaking or smoking the day of the dyno run is subject to a $50 service charge (non-refundable) and no tuning will be done until AFTER repairs are complete.  All dyno tuning includes training on how to use your XCal2/X3, the User Adjustable Controls and Data-Logging.  Click Here to send me an e-mail request/quote.

95% of the vehicles on the road DO NOT need dyno tuning, and most bolt on modifications (other than power adders, cams and major porting) can be compensated for by the PCM without any special programming.  Many people ask for a "custom" tune, then tell me their vehicle is stock.  I ask them if they REALLY want to spend $100 an hour + Dyno fees for a stock vehicle, then they realize the issue.  Don't get me wrong, I'll be MORE than happy to do it, but it is truly overkill!
Here is a Great alternative:

If you purchase any of my tunes, for an additional $25, I will provide a week (15 days from the shipping date-only with new sales) of e-mail tuning provided you have access to a laptop computer for data-logging (PIII, 800Mhz, USB, CDROM or better).  I send the software as part of my standard service.  While this may not provide the same accuracy and peak HP output as a dyno-tune, it greatly increases driveability and gives you a profile that I apply to ALL your other tunes, and e-mail back to you.  What a deal!

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